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Does the spiritual exist? How can we know? Does Christianity have a relevant message for the Western mind? Ancient Christian tradition has a profound response to these questions and so many more. Why are these answers not being discussed, even in many of our churches? The Thesis is committed to discussing these things with you…but first, there are some barriers we must break down.

These barriers range from misconceptions of the Christian Way to complete denial of the spiritual aspect of man. They have entrapped the Western mind and waged a war on the Western soul; relegating us to our animal nature, they have become a self-fulfilling prophecy. As we deny our soul, we become soulless. As we question even our reason, we become reasonless. It is possible that we are witnessing the de-evolution of humanity in the West. Worst of all…it is by choice, not necessity.

These problems have arisen as the scientific way of knowing has squeezed the life out of philosophical and spiritual knowledge, leaving an imbalanced perception of reality. What is interesting is that all knowledge, including scientific knowledge, points towards Truth and hence towards other knowable things. These other things, both spiritual and philosophical, are essential to our humanity and our evolution into so much more…into “little Christs.”

For these reasons we felt that it was necessary to publish The Thesis. This journal will lead you, from front to back, deeper and deeper into the faith we believers and writers have come to love. It is a way of life more than a philosophy. The Way of Christ encounters knowledge on all fronts, exploring experience, authority, philosophy, sense and spirit. This journal is our attempt to give the reader a glimpse into this other life… the Life. It will lead the reader first into Apollos’ Corner where apologetics and philosophy will take aim at breaking down the walls the culture has built around us. Once these walls are cracked you will enter into David’s Corner where you will find poetry and short stories which express the spiritual beauty and mystery of God. As King David wrote his psalms we will write ours. Once the beauty of this life grasps you, it is our hope you will continue into the Church’s Corner where you will be welcomed into the Body of Christ. Here we will discuss where the Church today is going and how it will get there. Finally you will find Jacob’s Corner. It is this final corner that some of our most gifted theologians will write in. They will discuss the early Church and the intersection of the Old and New Testaments. Here we hope you will get a glimpse of the unconquerable depth of God.

Welcome to The Thesis, may God bless you in your journey…