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The ultimate humility can be the ultimately humble act. Are we men or gods? We are men and only through submission, even unto death, can we say our ultimate amen; that God is God and we are not. In this final answer, becoming one with the earth in our praise, only then do we finally accept our place in this earth. We become what we have always been, men. When the heart accepts this, with honor, God is free to do his part and raise us up, as he did his son. And in this way, death is beautiful. It is our final chance, not to struggle, but to submit. It is the great chance to allow love to win out thru trust and faith in God’s ultimate power to do what he will do.

This faith, which carries us through death, allows us to see God for who he is. He is our Father, our Creator and our Redeemer. All rides on his wings and his words and nothing will pass into eternity separate from this spirit. So again, it is death, which is beautiful. It is a beauty beyond our sight but known to the humble heart.

The humble heart, which brings us, still living to submission, shows us the beauty of death. For we wish to show God how it is that we love Him and soon we find that words fall well short. It is only through a life beyond death, a life in submission, that our love can be appropriately shown. So again, it is death, which is beautiful, for if we walk in it we are truly alive in love.

Yet our graveyards and funerals show that we do not know these things. We think death is the end, which it is, to the heart which seeks to keep what is not his. But to the heart which wants nothing more than to submit so the Father can see how he loves him, death is once again beautiful. For that heart cries out, “Abba Father, let your will be done for I trust you, even thru death.”

In this cry the wind rushes in, carrying the freedom of love on its wings. The Breath of Christ can’t help but be felt on the neck of all who hear it. It is a beauty that cannot be seen but only known to the heart of those who know they are loved and seek to love in return. So again, it is death, which is beautiful. How could it be otherwise? Christ had this death and in him we see all true beauty. In Him we see God.